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Catholic Artists for Environmental Justice is a small but diverse group of artists with varying connections to Catholicism. We are passionate about protecting this planet and encouraging others to act on the Earth's behalf. We are also committed to artists' liberation, and strive to compensate artists for their time and work.

We mount exhibitions, offer artists panel discussions, and collaborate with arts groups and undergraduate art departments in an ongoing effort to preserve Terra Nostra - Our Earth.

We are grateful for support from the Catholic Community Foundation, and for fiscal sponsorship from Springboard for the Arts. We are also enrolled in Springboard's Incubator program, for small nonprofit organizations.


Greta Thurnberg by Mark Boatwright

Anne Sugnet_quotidian history_edited.jpg

quotidian history by Anne Sugnet

2. Ayanna Muata, Luminous Vessel #2.jpg

Untitled 3 by Ayanna Muata

8. Mary Gallagher, Psalm for Pinto  Turtle, Syrian Minnow, & Hawaaian Land Crab (2).jpg

Psalm for into Tortoise, Hawaiian Land Crab by Mary Gallagher

River Clouds.jfif

Clouds by Slats Farirbanks

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